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About Attain X

Attain X is a personal development and corporate training consultancy that serves individuals and companies.

Being deeply committed to the personal and professional growth of our clients, our mission is to connect with the individual and provide practical tools and support for their improvement, through a clear, structured, welcoming and pleasant experience.

Our services can be done in English or Portuguese.

Our coaching service is carried out with the support of the Enneagram or DISC self-assessment tools.


We offer different packages of coaching sessions, according to the needs of the individual or the company.

Our corporate training can be customized according to the needs of the clients and carried out in person or virtually.

A little about Nilvia Vogel

Hello! I'm Nilvia Vogel, founder of Attain X, and I'd like to share with you a little of my personal experience with self-assessment tools and why I really believe that I can help you or your team in your personal and professional growth process.


I started my professional career as a corporate consultant and have worked on numerous projects in the areas of corporate restructuring, technology, knowledge management and human resources. Through these many years of experience as a consultant, I developed a pragmatic framework of thought and action that made it easier for clients to understand what needs to be improved or created and how to implement it.


Around the age of 30, I got my first managerial position, with a team of 16 people. I understood the technical processes, but at the time I didn't know that I didn't know how to be a good leader and team manager. That's when I did my first self-assessment process with DISC. It was very revealing and accurate, identifying points my team complained about. So I started using DISC as my self-improvement guide, applying my pragmatic framework of thinking. It was so impactful that I started to study it in depth not only for myself, but also for teams and individuals at companies where I worked. I got my first training as a DISC Analyst and started to use it as a support to hire and promote people, but mainly to develop several personal and professional development programs.


A few years later, I got to know the Enneagram, then a new and huge leap in self-knowledge took place, opening up a universe of possibilities for my personal growth. Again I studied this comprehensive instrument in depth and obtained my certification as an Enneagram Analyst. Working with my clients, I realized that the awe at the depth and assertiveness of this tool is not just mine, but theirs as well. Everyone benefits from how the Enneagram describes why we think, feel and behave in specific ways based on our core motivations and fears.

In summary, before being a coach or trainer, I have been a practitioner of self-knowledge and personal development for decades, so I can understand the difficulties you also face, therefore provide you with tools and support in an uncomplicated, practical and welcoming way. I am passionate about seeing our clients grow and gain confidence.


Are you ready to start this journey of discovery and growth?

I'm here to help you!

Get in touch and book a free 15 minute virtual meeting with me so we can discuss your needs, my services and see if we can get a good energy exchange going!

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