Learn English, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese

in Singapore.


We help you learn a foreign language to move from the classroom into the real world with confidence.




Attain X is a language company based in Singapore that provides:


    Language courses, from very beginner to advanced levels.


    Lessons for business people, professionals in various areas, expatriate wives and husbands, teenagers, travelers.


    Customized lessons for specific purposes, according to the student’s needs.


    Individual tuition for presentations preparation.


    One-to-one lessons and small groups in person and online.

Our mission

Enabling our students to develop effective communication skills to speak a foreign language, through a straightforward, clear and enjoyable experience. We are deeply dedicated to all students' success and want to make them feel welcome and valued. 



One-to-one or small groups classes

Flexible time, place and schedule

Tailored lessons

Maximized performance


In one-to-one lessons or in small groups, the student participates 100% of the time and has the teacher’s full attention, thus improving his/her performance faster.

Business Meeting


The lessons can be taken at student's office or home, at the teacher’s place or via Skype.

In addition, the schedule is flexible, allowing lessons at any time of the day.

Compass & Map

Customized teaching


Private lessons help students achieve their learning goals more quickly. The classes are tailored according to the student’s needs, pace, skills and previous knowledge.

Shake on It


A good connection is established between student and teacher, which helps the student to feel comfortable and confident to practice the new language.

Corporate students
Lessons for corporate students at all levels, backgrounds and nationalities, as business people, entrepreneurs, professionals in all ranks, trainees etc, focusing on language for business and for social/daily life needs.
Private students
Lessons for private students of all levels, backgrounds and nationalities, as expatriate wives and husbands, teenagers, travellers etc, focusing on language for social and daily life needs, as well as other specific needs the students may present.
Attain X has a very competitive price.

Check what some students think:

“I highly recommend Ms. Nilvia! She is a very friendly and cheerful teacher. My private lessons are so fun every time thanks to her character…”


“Nilvia always focuses on independency and concreteness, so her lessons can make us feel refreshed, because we can discuss anything with her in her lessons…”


“Nilvia speaks foreign languages with a deep understanding of their grammar system. She can explain the similarities and uniqueness of the languages to deepen student's understanding. She can anticipate the questions and doubts you might have…”


“Professora Nilvia’s simple but effective style of teaching made learning Portuguese a cakewalk for me. Even my Brazilian colleagues have noticed a marked improvement in my Portuguese…”


“Nilvia é uma Professora fantástica! Ela é paciente e tem uma personalidade incrível.”


"My teacher is Nilvia. She is a perfect teacher! The best I’ve ever had."


"Nilvia is a very dedicated and professional Portuguese teacher. It is very hard to find a teacher who teaches from the heart."


Hello! I am teacher Nilvia Vogel, founder of Attain X, and I’d like to share with you a bit of my personal experience with foreign languages and why I really believe my team and I can help you learn a new language.


I’ve been a foreign language teacher for many years and taught hundreds of students at all levels, various nationalities, with different backgrounds and needs. I’ve seen many kinds of difficulties the students face (some similar to my struggles when I was a language learner), and the teaching methodologies applied by many schools. Based on this experience, I decided to to establish a personalized  language centre, where we apply effective and efficient  language learning  tools to help our clients.


Besides being teachers, my team and I are also language learners. That’s why we completely understand the difficulties you face as a language student. We can relate to your struggles and help you gain fluency in an effective and welcoming way!


Our teaching style is uncomplicated, practical and fun, and that is because we are passionate about teaching and seeing our students grow and get confidence.


Are you ready to get to the next level and achieve great communication skills? If so, we are here to help you! Let’s take this journey together!

Learning a foreign language opens our mind to new cultures and ideas, besides boasting our confidence. A new language also opens up new career and business opportunities. At Attain X Language Centre, we have been running success-oriented language classes in Singapore. Our aim has been to take our students through basic and advanced courses in different languages. Whether you are looking for Portuguese lessons in Singapore, or need to learn English, Japanese or Chinese, we have qualified teachers to help you meet your goals.  

Our Language Courses

At Attain X, we value maximized performance, so the students are encouraged to have intense participation during their lessons. Our classes are tailored according to the student’s needs, pace, skills and previous knowledge. We believe customized teaching help students achieve their learning goals more quickly. We also believe that having a good connection between student and teacher helps the student feel comfortable and confident to practice the new language.

Unlike many of our competitors that offer courses in dozens of languages, we have chosen quality over quantity. So, we offer the following classes:

  • Portuguese language course in Singapore

  • Japanese language class in Singapore 

  • Chinese language course in Singapore

  • English language course in Singapore


Tailored to Your Needs

As a centre that offers language course in Singapore, our experience tells us that students have different needs and expectations when learning a new language. While some sign-up for our Portuguese lessons in Singapore to further their career, other students join Chinese class in Singapore to communicate with their business counterparts. Whether it is our English or Japanese classes in Singapore, we try and cater to the expectations of all our students. From one-to-one Portuguese class in Singapore to those in small groups, we take pride in our tailored approach that has yielded great results so far. 

We understand that different people have different abilities when it comes to learning a new language. Instead of making the classes strictly curriculum-based sessions, we make learning fun. We encourage students to interact as much as possible during the training session as it helps them gain confidence and fluency. You have your learning goals and our job is to help you fulfil them. 

Send us a message to know more about our language lessons in Singapore that you wish to join, and we will help you choose the right course for your needs.