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A Useful Guide On Taking Language Classes In Singapore

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Language is a gift that connects us with others. It let us express our emotions and understand another person’s expression. But when two people who speak different languages interact, this essential tool of communication becomes a barrier.

On the contrary, learning multiple languages like English, Chinese, Portuguese etc. can tremendously impact your skills, confidence, and efficiency.

If you are willing (or need) to learn other languages, then stick with us in this article to gain more motivation and some useful information!

Find out here some reasons why you should take Portuguese, English, Japanese or Chinese classes in Singapore:

Have Your Work Assignment Overseas a Lot Easier:

Whether you’re working as an expatriate in Singapore or you’re preparing to work overseas, it is critical to learn the language people speak at your new working place. It improves your relationship with your employees or bosses, co-workers and other business counterparts. Imagine how nice is being able to attend meetings held in the local language, or read and write your emails, presentations and documents without using google translate! Besides that, it makes your lunch time with your local colleagues or your happy-hour after work a lot more fun!

Enhance your relationship with customers, providers and other stakeholders:

If you deal with foreign business partners, be sure that speaking at least a little of their language will get you closer to them and make the relationship more meaningful and fruitful. Besides that, through the language you can also learn a bit more about their culture, which helps a lot in a multicultural business environment.

Gives you a nicer daily life as an expatriate resident:

If you live in Singapore or you’re getting ready to move to another country, by yourself or with your family, learning the new country’s language certainly makes your life nicer and easier. All the steps to get settled in a new place, such as getting a new home and school for the kids, getting around in the new city, going for shopping or seeing the doctor, driving, making new friends etc, all can be much smoother and fun if you can speak the local language. Besides that, you can travel within the new country and have great experiences with local people!

It can give you plenty of job opportunities:

Whenever you go for a job interview, everyone somehow has similar education background. However, knowing foreign languages can give you advantages over other candidates. Nowadays, many placement companies have include multiple language skills into their basic selection criteria. In your career path, you will certainly benefit from speaking foreign languages.

Sharpen your memory:

The process of learning a new language sharpens your memory. No matter what age your are, whenever you try to learn a new language, it works like a great brain exercise! It improves your memory strength and enhances your mental capacities. The more you study, the more you can feel that!

Enable you to know the world more in-depth:

By learning a new language, you come to know the history of a different people, as well as their culture and feelings. You also get the opportunity to make friends from different backgrounds. Additionally, while learning about other cultures, believe it or not, you can also discover more about your own culture.

Make traveling to different places easier and more meaningful:

Whenever you visit a tourist place, you will not feel lost anymore, as you will be able to communicate with local people more easily and enjoy better what the place has to offer to you. You can have a smoother and more meaningful experience when you know the local language.

Boost your confidence and decision-making skills:

Researchers have found that when you learn a new language, your brain goes through some awesome changes and your decision-making process gets faster and more logical. That’s really wonderful! This not only improves your daily life, but also boosts your confidence in both your native and foreign languages.

Read other countries’ books and get up to date with their news:

Imagine how great it can be to read the original version of books or keep yourself up to date with the news in a foreign language with no translation needed! This will give you the real taste of the foreign literature, as well as get you well informed with local news, which can make a critical difference when it comes to doing business overseas. We are convinced that learning a new language is a great thing to do! But the question people usually ask is “Would it be easy to learn a foreign language?”, and the very answer is "Yes, it is!”. Once you find a good language center to help you and you understand your own way of learning, things get easier and much enjoyable. Some tips to choosing the best language centres are:

  • First of all, check out online the reviews on the language centers.

  • Try to talk to other language students about their schools’ teaching process and materials in order to check whether they are suitable to your needs.

  • Try to find an institute close to your office or house, so that you don't need to travel so far every time. It can save you both time and money.

  • If you or your family members need tailored lessons, flexible schedule or even need the teachers to go to your place instead of you commuting to the language center, remember to check whether the center offers those services and if there’s any additional cost for that.

Now, if you are a resident in Singapore, then one the best options in the country is Attain X Language Center, which can help you be a great Portuguese, English, Japanese or Chinese speaker. To know more about that, visit our website

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